In 1986 I began collecting information about my family.  Soon the amassed material and the multiple directions of the research overwhelmed me.  I decided to focus on only one line of descent and chose my father’s family.  It promised the most interesting and dramatic stories and it just felt right.  In 1974 my father had died suddenly at age 66.  There was so much that I did not know about him.

Gathering information about my family has given me much pleasure. I like collecting stuff, especially information.  However, as I unearthed more data, I discovered that I then wanted to know more about the people themselves.  Their stories and their personalities became of great interest to me.  I decided to direct my energy towards writing a book.

I visualized a book with a beginning and an end.  Now, years later, I perceive this a ‘never ending’ endeavor.  I plan to continue researching and writing, adding and modifying, as new information is revealed and as I think of more questions to ask.  For every time I find an answer to one question a multitude of new questions surface.

JUNE 2000


William Shakespeare

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