The following small article appeared in the Boston Globe on June 19, 1996.  It describes a discovery made more than 55 years after the event occurred.  I include it at this time to emphasize the earlier point about the all-pervasive nature of the killing that transpired.  Like so many other things associated with the Holocaust it is difficult to comprehend that an event of this magnitude, involving so many people, could have occurred and only now be discovered.


Minsk, Belarus -- A mass grave of about 10,000 people killed by the Nazis dur ing World War II has been discovered in the Belarusan capital of Minsk, a Defense Ministry official said yesterday. The 4400 yard-long ditch holding the remains of thousands of people apparently executed by submachine guns was discovered on the outskirts of the capital, said Col. Nikolai Yeshchenko. (AP)

It helps me to reluctantly acknowledge, not accept, why I cannot find any other references to the events at Telechan.  I wonder how many more atrocities are still to be revealed or, even worse, never to be discovered?

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