Excerpts from the 1968 Telechan Memorial Committee publication.[1]

"We would like to point out that our ‘Yiskor’ book makes a most important and authentic historic testimony of that Jewish community during its 250 years of existence.  A historical testimony of its people, institutions, and the religious, social, cultural and economic life till the day of its annihilation on August 3, 1941."

This is the most memorable date in the history of the Ajzenberg family.  My Aunt Bracha (family name unknown) Ajzenberg and her two children together with my Aunt Ziporah (Ajzenberg) Bernstein and her two children were murdered on that day.  They lie in a common grave just outside Telechan with hundreds of their neighbors.

"To our deepest regret, the generation born and raised in Telechan is diminishing in numbers and the book "Yiskor" is read by very few.  Therefore, it is hoped that the summary on Telechan ... brought forth in this booklet will become food for thought to the generations following us, and kindle the will to read and evoke deep interest in the town from whence their forefathers came and strengthen also their identification with their past and roots.

“Finally, we pledge to read by ourselves to our sons and daughters, each year on the eve of memorial day, which is Tisha Be'Av, chapters of the "Yiskor" book... so that our heritage will not be foreign to them and forgotten, and so that the memory or our forefathers will be remembered from generation to generation."               

This book is my contribution to that tradition of informing the present generation and future generations of Ajzenbergs of the remarkable story of who we are and where we came from.

[1]This small publication was intended as a supplement to and extension of the original Telechan Memorial Book published 5 years earlier.

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